Graffitti Bansky

The art of mystery

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Banksy  is a British street artist, grown in Bristol, England,whose identity is unknown. 

Everybody wants to know who this mysterious artist really is. For that reason, there are many hypothesis about his biography. One of the most relevant hypothesis is that it is believed that the artist could be Robin Gunningham. but he denies it. Although we do not know his real name, we still appreciate his artwork. How is Banksy so famous if his identity is not revealed? One answer: his talent.

He started his career in Bristol and London. In 1990, he joined the group DryBreadZ Crew (DBZ). His first technique was the use of spray then, in the 2000’s, he developed into the use of templates and stencils. After that, he met Steve Lazarides who helped him to sell his artwork. In 2009, he became his manager. One of his artworks was «Gorilla in a pink mask» which later was painted over by Saeed Ahmed’s new Muslim cultural centre in Bristol. On 19th June 2002, Banksy’s first exhibition in Los Angeles debuted at 33​1⁄3 Gallery and was entitled Existencilism. In 2003, he created an exhibition named Turf Wars which consisted of the exposition of alive animals. His last graffiti was this year for Valentine’s day but, unfortunately, it lasted just two days since his artwork was damaged by vandalism. 

He not only makes graffiti, he also appears on the documental Exit through the gift shop where he discuss about what, for him, the real meaning of art is.

Therefore, this mysterious artist has a lot of followers, not only for his unknown name, but for his unique talent to represent different images through his graffiti.

Me llamo Alessandra Clemente, tengo 15 años y vivo en Alcorcón, España. Nací el 16 de enero de 2004, en Lima, Perú. Vivo con mi madre y mi abuela. Estudio en el colegio Villalkor. Me gusta bailar salsa ya que lo aprendí de mi familia. Cuando tenga un trabajo estable, me gustaría viajar por todo el mundo.