How to stay positive during this health crisis

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Here are some tips you should take to make these days better. The most important thing is to have a positive attitude.

Quarantine is to stay at your house during a specific period of time and it can be for days,weeks or months.
Spain is in quarantine because of the coronavirus that has affected to more than 48.000 people, this number being just in Spain as there are other countries also affected.

Many people doesn’t know how to act in this period of time. The country is completely paralyzed as people can not go out of their house. This is a very complicated situation for all the society, because we are not used to living in these conditions and sometimes people can get frustrated with themselves because of the time spent in their houses. For this situation the most important thing is to try not to get bored and have a positive attitude.   

Many people do not know what to do at home, but this is the opportunity to organize papers, documents, throw things that you do not use…. You can also organize meetings via social networks, chats with friends, as if they were going out for a coffee, but each one at home, thus the afternoons or mornings become more enjoyable with friends or family. Take advantage of that and make video calls by Whatsapp, Facebook or Google Hangouts for these «virtual parties».

Doing some exercise that, besides being a tip to put into practice these days, is something we should do daily, not just these days so we do not get bored . We can get fit in different ways at home , we don’t need to have a gym at home , we can practice it in our bedrooms , in the garden … We also don’t need any gym equipment, we can use things that we have at home. You can take advantage of doing it with your family and thus spend more time together.

You can also search for exercises on Youtube or on the internet, and look for the kind of exercises you want to do. It is true that it is difficult to keep in shape without leaving home, but we can’t do anything else right now as the news recommend, so try to keep yourself busy and that way the time will pass faster.

It is not necessary to be down, it is recommended to make exercise, to finish things you haven’t done, but don’t take it as a break because it’s not, you also have to do some schoolwork and try to get into a routine.

To stay positive during this time you should try new things because they are going to help you, for example, you can try new looks, also if you’re not a good chef you can learn how to cook, pay more attention to your family, etc.

And, of course, do not forget to clean your hands with soap and water, do not get out unless it is necessary and try to finish things you meant to have done.

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