The Spanish educational system

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The Spanish Educational system is something with which students are not very happy. Almost all students hate it because they think that they don’t learn anything and they just study for an exam and then throw it up in the paper, but in the next two days students have forgotten all the information they had studied.

This educational system is costing the mental health of a lot of students, they are very stressed because their only goal in life is to pass all the exams. A lot of them cry a lot because of the stress and they are very depressed and also have anxiety attacks while studying. There are a lot of students who are also starting to be in a depression.

They are trying to study to pass the exam, they can’t, so they start crying because they can’t memorize everything if they don’t understand it. Sometimes they don’t understand what they are trying to study and they just memorize it to pass the exams. So we think this is a bad way of learning things.

Students also think that they could use more digital methods instead of using big books, because not in all schools they use chromebooks or computers. Parents spend a lot of money in books and material and sometimes they don’t even use it.

We have been asking some students so they can express themselves and tell us in what they think the Spanish educational system should change.
All of them told us that they don’t like it, they want to learn how to learn, they don’t want to memorize and then forget what they have learned after the exam.

We have also seen that teachers don’t see it the way students do, some teachers also told us that they would change some things about the educational system of Spain, but they weren’t as critical as students were.


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