Cancelled Culture

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For many years, there has been a group of people who have been constantly trying to “cancel” the media content that may have some offensive content to people as a new movement called Cancel Culture.

Cancel culture comes from the “call-out culture” which became widespread in the 2014.

The movement became popular in 2017 right after an American publisher connected cancel culture with the #MeToo movement and a group of people appeared with the idea of calling out celebrities because of problematic actions or offensive statements. Ever since then, more people have been joining the movement in order to call out more and more people for posting offensive content. This problematic group has been cancelling things for any reason even if they aren’t that “offensive”.

There have been many people who have been victims of the Cancel Culture. Here are some victims. J.K. Rowling: People called for the author of Harry Potter to be cancelled after giving her opinion about transgender people

Dumbo: The Disney film Dumbo was cancelled for having “racist content”, they mentioned the character Jim Crow that represents “the racist minstrel shows” since Jim Crow was a person who painted his face black and acted like a silly person for white audiences. .

Peter Pan: Another Disney film that was cancelled for including racism and mistreatment to other races, because of the harmful content, the film was restricted from young kids accounts.

Dr. Seuss: The series of books Dr. Seuss was cancelled due to racist depictions to Asian and black people. The company that oversees the books has restricted 6 books for including harmful content.

In conclusion, since the origins of Cancel Culture, people that support the movement have been constantly “cancelling” and threatening many famous people as well as popular TV shows, films and books. However, this movement is becoming less and less relevant due to the proliferation of ideas around the world.


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