Chloé Zhao is the first Asian to win the statuette for best director

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Oscars 2021

The 93rd edition of the Oscars wasn’t like other editions. That was known for a long time, due to the critical moment we are living. Considering how other awards ceremonies have gone, which have been done via Zoom, people thought this was going to be the same, but it wasn’t. Some people were participating in the Oscars via Zoom.

Chloé Zhao with ‘Nomadland’ has won the Best film award for its beautiful and humanistic film of contemporary nomads. The main character Fern, a woman who has lost everything, from her husband and her house, and goes to live a nomadic life with communities full of poverty, but she also has satisfaction from sharing a life that they can finally live. 

Zhao has described the film as: «The journey of a lifetime, a crazy thing that we have done.» And she has dedicated the Oscar to good people: «I have always found goodness in all the people I have met, this award goes to all those who bring out the goodness of the people they know, that inspires me to continue.»

Zhao had already won the Critics Choice Award, the Independent Spirit, the Golden Lion, the BAFTA, the Golden Globe, and the Directors Guild Award. It brought 8 nominations to this edition. In her film, Frances McDormand infiltrates nomadic communities, trying to portray the effects of the 2007 economic crisis and neoliberalism through precariousness and poverty in a community.

Zhao and McDormand were the most visible faces of this edition of the Oscars, where 32% of the candidates were women. A small increase over previous years. The night left the following mark of winners: 15 won 17 awards (Zhao and McDormand took two each), tying 2018. It was the first time that two directors aspired to the Oscars.


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