Adults and teenagers talking about the music nowadays

These days we are able to listen to much more genres of music. We have asked people of different ages what they think about some types of music and the topics they treat.

What do you think about the music industry at this time?

– Belén Borromeo(student): I think that it is okay to dance it and sing it because of the rhythm, but the lyrics of some of them are quite sensitive.

-Pablo Melero (student): Actually, I believe nowadays music cannot be listened to in order to teach educational purposes, but it has a nice rhythm.

-Laura Burgos (adult): I have no clue at all about this topic because I just listen to music, not taking care about the singer or lyrics.

-Ricardo Arias (adult): Each generation has its own likes and dislikes, therefore music is an art and an expression of what people feel. I believe that there is such a problem in music with the autotune, because before there were real artists, composers, they had to really work hard, and nowadays you can just sing without knowing.

Thinking about some lyrics in songs (reggaeton, trap…), they might be offensive for some people.

Do you think that it is better not to have these genres, despite the fact that some people like them, or that it is better to have non offensive music in general?

-Belén Borromeo (student): From my point of view, I think music is not done with the purpose of offending anyone, it is done for enjoyable purposes despite their offensive lyrics.

-Pablo Melero(student): In my opinion it is better not to have these types of lyrics so they don’t offend anyone.

Laura Burgos(adult): I love to have different genres because we all don’t like the same things, but we should take care of those manners when telling things and of the content in it.

Ricardo Arias(adult):  well there are lyrics and lyrics, and some of them are not innocuous. Even if you do not understand the language you are able to see the message behind the videos, and that is what could be really harmful because sometimes videos are much more clear than the song itself.

Is it okay to normalise the vocabulary used in some songs?

Belén Borromeo(student): No, it is not okay because there are sexist and homomophobic comments, but it can be enjoyed in different ways, dancing for example. Our society must move on with these ideas.

-Pablo Melero(student): No, of course not, I find them really disrespectful.

-Laura Burgos(adult): Definitely not. We should not normalise all the offenses we hear as if they were not important and it could hurt people.

-Ricardo Arias(adult): normalise meaning that every person uses the same vocabulary, it is not okay, and in this world we are fighting for everyone’s rights so using the image of women as if they were objects it is an awful thing to do, but also talking about drugs, alcohol and violence. It must not be normalised.