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Me llamo Laura Mieres Aranda y vivo en Madrid. Voy al colegio Villalkor en Alcorcón y estoy en 4ºC. Me gusta hacer deporte, sobre todo el baloncesto y esquiar. Tengo una hermana pequeña que se llama Sara.

My name is Laura Mieres Aranda and I live in Madrid. I go to Villalkor, a school in Alcorcón and I am in 4ºC. I like playing sports like basketball and skiing. I have a small sister called Sara.

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Friendly board games while self-isolating

Confinement days can be an opportunity to resume family games and to spend time together. An opportunity to bring all family members together and to have fun. Today is the 20th day of quarantine since the government declared a state of alarm on March 14. For many families, these situations are becoming difficult to manage,… Leer más

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