Villalkor runs for Ukraine

For several years, Villalkor has been collaborating with Unicef through a solidarity race runned by the students. This race is mandatory, as it counts for their physical education mark, however the money


¡Bienvenidos a Puy du Fou!

El maravillo parque temático situado en Toledo, Castilla-La Mancha Puy du Fou es un parque temático histórico que está inspirado en el parque original situado en Francia y fue inaugurado en 2019. Este

The next Champions League

The next champions league will have some changes, The UEFA Executive Committee approved on Tuesday 26th May in Vienna its new format. It will have an initial phase with 8 matches when

Why haven’t we died yet?

In the last few months, a hoax has spread like wildfire among social media: “NASA has set the date for the destruction of The Earth for the 6th May 2022.” Continuing reading

El debut de Chanel en Eurovisión

Nacida en Cuba, criada en España. Con 16 años pisó su primer escenario y con 31 años, pone a España en el tercer puesto de Eurovisión, a solo seis puntos del segundo lugar,


The influencers nowadays are so important because of the influence that they give to the younger ones and how a  single word can change their opinions of something. These days it is

The Discovery of the Year

We all know the fact that dinosaurs were extinct because of a meteorite. However, we didn’t know which meteor until today. A group of scientists from the USA have discovered what could

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