Carnival, the festival people enjoy the most

Recently Carnival was celebrated in VIllalkor, Carnival is a party that was previously only done in Christian countries but it is now also held in non-Christian countries. It is usually held between February and March.

Carnival originated 5000 years ago, supposedly with Egyptians, although there are some people who believe that Greeks created it. The custom in Carnival is to dress up, make parades, sing songs and also make parties in the streets. 

Carnival is celebrated in a lot of countries but the country that is more celebrated is in Brazil because it is the country with the most catholic community in the world. The most famous carnival is Rio de Janeiro’s Carnival where they do samba parades and a lot of dances.

In Villalkor school the carnival was held and we decided to ask some children about how they experienced it. We have asked them about Carnival and they have told us that they enjoyed it a lot because they could dress up with their own costumes  and they did a parade of costumes to evaluated which was the best costume, then they told us that outside the school they didn’t do anything so they valued a lot doing this in the school.

Definitely, Carnival is a festival that is very happy and a festival that everybody enjoys and the kids like a lot.