DUX vs A.D. Villaviciosa De Odón

In Villaviciosa de Odon there was a very important match between the two teams of the city.

After the match started, in the 8th minute,  Dux player Sergio Zamorano scored the first goal. After that in the 14th minute , the Villaviciosa player Marcos Carricajo scored a penalty goal to equal the result. One minute later, Alvaro Sicilia scored another goal to recover the advantage. After that, Villaviciosa’s coach made some changes in the defense to prevent more goals Around the 70th minute  Villaviciosa’s coach told his players to attack  to try and  score goals and to not focus on the defense; that caused the Dux score two goals more in the minutes 71 and 78, finishing the match with a result winning 4 to 1 for the Dux.

We were able to interview Héctor Andrés Magdaleno a player of the Villaviciosa and Álvaro Martín Martín-Mantero a Dux player:

Hector, Can you tell us about the argument you had with Jorge Jareño, the Dux player?

He doesn’t play, he plays the last 5 minutes of each match, he should be in a lower category, but he is with us because  two fathers talked about the dissolution of his team and came to our team.

Álvaro Martín

How was the match?

It wasn‘t a hard match, the other team was very demanding, but thanks to  how we played we  had a good result.

What is your opinion on the result?

It was a good result. We scored numerous goals, but we always can improve. 

What do you think about the line up?

Our coach chose the best lineup for the match, it was a technical decision which we respect.

Do you think that the referee did a good job?

He was very professional and I can’t complain about his work.