Ghosts Among Us

“Ghostly Madrid”, ghost stories for students.

On the 26th of April, the students of 4th of ESO made an extracurricular activity of tales about the different buildings and places of Madrid.

About a week ago the students of 4th of ESO went on a spooky school trip called “Ghostly Madrid”. In this activity, the students were told different tales about some buildings of Madrid. Some of these were Casa de América, Banco de España, Sol…

The activity was awesome, there were a lot of great things such as the tales of the buildings we were able to go to. It was also great having the opportunity to walk through Madrid and being able to learn new things about this city. In addition, the monitors that came with us were very friendly and they helped us acknowledge the scariest tales of the city of Madrid.

On the contrary, being an activity about ghosts and tales, it would have been great if the activity would have been at night. It was understandable it being during the day, as it is for school, therefore done during school hours. It would also have been awesome if the monitors would have acted more telling the stories, just to seem more interesting and realistic.

Taking everything into consideration, we believe that the activity was incredible and we learnt a lot of new things from it.