Is Shakira’s song one more step for feminism?

The song that Shakira has made has been a revolution, in just 24 hours it had reached 64 million views on YouTube and 14.39 million views on Spotify. 

This song has also become so viral because everyone expected Shakira’s reaction to the infidelity of her ex-husband Gerard Piqué, ex Barcelona player, their breakup was the most famous of those days caused by the ex-soccer’s infidelity with Clara Chía. On the song you can appreciate many hints towards Piqué and his new partner such as the famous phrases of sal-pique and clara-mente.

Some people think that this song is one more step for the feminist movement, but why do the people think like this? Well this is because of the repercussions of the song, Shakira’s song has become the second most popular song made by a woman, as well as it had been on the first place of the most popular song of youtube for a while. Also the song is one more step for feminism because of the lyrics. Here is an example:”Una loba como yo no está pa’ tipos como tú”, with this Shakira wanted to say that Piqué doesn’t deserve her, another example:”Las mujeres ya no lloran, las mujeres facturan”, this make reference to the feminism’s advances in this few years.

In conclusion, this song by Shakira has been a step further from feminism, for his lyrics and what she wants to express in terms of this type of topic I mean, some letters that reflect the current woman while talking about her ex-husband.