Why haven’t we died yet?

In the last few months, a hoax has spread like wildfire among social media: “NASA has set the date for the destruction of The Earth for the 6th May 2022.” Continuing reading


Ghosts Among Us

“Ghostly Madrid”, ghost stories for students. On the 26th of April, the students of 4th of ESO made an extracurricular activity of tales about the different buildings and places of Madrid. About

Trends are not only the ones who fall

Within the years, there are more and more teenagers, and even older people, that decide to risk their lives for a couple of likes on instagram. There has been a tendency on

Christmas Accesible Madrid

This new free app was able to allow blind persons to ‘see’ the Christmas lights of Madrid with descriptive locutions. One of the most outstanding things of Christmas in Madrid were the

Getting to know new natives in Villalkor

Every year, Villalkor students have the opportunity to learn with native english-speakers teachers, and today, Megan, from the Philippines, is going to speak about her experiences What are your expectations for your