Fashion or Fraud?

A new model of sneakers called “Paris” has just been released by Balenciaga. Various brands had already designed sneakers that follow this esthetic of brand-new clothes that simulate being old or having


Ghosts Among Us

“Ghostly Madrid”, ghost stories for students. On the 26th of April, the students of 4th of ESO made an extracurricular activity of tales about the different buildings and places of Madrid. About

Under the sea world

Here in Villalkor we celebrate aquaculture’s week. The school is full of decorations made of recycled material. Jellyfishes, handmade paper coloured fishes, amazing nature portraits, personalized boats made from the case of

Spain’s aid to Ukraine

Since the beginning of this war and political conflict in Eastern Europe, many countries have contributed to help the Ukrainian country. Among these countries we have Spain, which has contributed both in

Descifrando el mar con Laura Burgos

La pesca tradicional y la acuicultura han sido los temas principales de la tradicional semana cultural del Villalkor Como ya es tradición en el Villalkor, esta semana se ha celebrado la XIX

Radio waves from Space

An investigative team has found a strange object about 4000 light years from Earth. It is unlike anything that has been seen before, every 18.18 minutes it shines and becomes one of

¿Habrá diferencias en la Ebau ?

Desde 2020, el examen de acceso a la universidad o “EBAU” se ha formulado distinto respecto a la convocatoria de 2019, debido al COVID-19 La selectividad de este 2022, para la Convocatoria