Under the sea world

Here in Villalkor we celebrate aquaculture’s week.

The school is full of decorations made of recycled material. Jellyfishes, handmade paper coloured fishes, amazing nature portraits, personalized boats made from the case of the nut, big undersea collages, little sand beaches and more.

Posters hanged on the wall give all the necessary information for students to give students an idea of the benefits of aquaculture, such as: it is a safe source of food, it is a way to support the marine environment, it offers food safety and a healthy option and finally it reduces the risk of endangering marine species.

Across the ESO and Primary classroom corridors, we can find different animals hanging from the ceiling such as fish of different sizes and shapes, colorful jellyfish, crabs, sea horses, different seashells and even a large display of volcanoes.

Apart from that, the children’s section has made an interactive room in order for the kids to play and learn about the different animals that exist under the sea. They have used materials such as bottles that when given an ultraviolet light gives them the sensation that they are really under the sea. They have also created a game that if they point at the translucent fish, they will be reflected on the ceiling. It’s a fun way to learn by playing!

The most beautiful thing about this week is that the whole school, both students and teachers, have worked hard to achieve the gigantic and beautiful decoration of the school.