Villalkor runs for Ukraine

For several years, Villalkor has been collaborating with Unicef through a solidarity race runned by the students. This race is mandatory, as it counts for their physical education mark, however the money collected will depend on the sponsor such as family members or friends that will determine the amount of money that will be donated per lap.

With the situation that is happening in Ukraine, this year Villalkor has decided to give all the money collected for the Ukrainian refugees to try and do our bit to help this country with all the issues they have. Most of it will go to basic resources such as food, water and medicines.

All the runners recieved an envelope when they finished the race so they can introduce the money they’re going to donate, also they recieved a diploma that proves they’d participate and had help ukranian people. Last monday, Maribel ,the librarian, passed around the classes to collect the envelopes, then on Wednesday, she announced that lots of students from Primary and Bachillerato donate money but unfortunately, in Secundary, just a little percentage of the students decide to help Ukraine with this benefical race.